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Kytabu enables teachers and students to get all the textbooks they need for class into their mobile phones or tablets. You can rent any book you need for a day, week, month or school term with mobile money. 

Audio and Video Learning is here

Kytabu also gives teachers and students the opportunity to listen to audiobooks and watch videos created to help them learn the content they get in class in a more elaborate, fun and engaging manner. This helps students understand and remember better.

Connection Schools with Kytabu

Kytabu goes beyond the app and integrates a school management system called Super School. This unifies the student’s grades and school activities from Super School into the app, and the courses, assessments and course done on the app to the Super School system.



Find all your required textbooks for rent.


Watch videos on all topics by great tutors.


Listen to plays, set-books and audio books.


Collaborate with your class and teachers.


Find past exams and practice examples.


Learn various topics through video courses.

Save Money

Everything is for rent!

Mobile Money

Kytabu is Mobile money friendly.

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Get to know more about Kytabu and join our community of fun learning and fun activities all around schools in Kenya. We are currently looking for teachers interested in creating digital content. Are you one of them? Click the button to join in.
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